It’s hard not to notice the recent resurgence of superheroes–Superman, Batman, Spiderman, The Avengers…But why are they reappearing? Part of the reason is that people my age are having kids and want to relive their childhoods. A recent Economist article also cited “the decline of religion in a more secular world” as a reason for the popularity of modern “mythmaking.” In other words, superheroes and the … Continue reading

This Mom is getting herself ready

Today I dressed for work. And I mean the toughest job known to man: working at home with children. Usually my work-at-home outfits are an afterthought at best. My husband has long since left for work, and I’ve just managed to finish all the breakfast dishes. With interruptions to change diapers, settle toy disputes and maybe even answer the telephone, it has gotten later than I would … Continue reading This Mom is getting herself ready

Countdown to Christmas with Jillian

Today I started the Ripped in 30 days workout series with Jillian Michaels. I had been thinking to myself, “Why wait until after New Year’s to get motivated and take the diet/workout plunge?” As I lay on the floor screaming like a woman in labor (OK, only one scream), I started (predictably) having second thoughts and wondering what in the world I had been thinking. … Continue reading Countdown to Christmas with Jillian

Kids fighting and screaming? Read on

Upstairs putting the baby down for his nap, I heard a sound that has become far too frequent lately; my two older sons’ anger turning to wild screams as they (from the way it sounded) tried to kill each other. I felt the anger welling up inside because 1) it’s not fair that I can’t leave them alone for a minute or two to take … Continue reading Kids fighting and screaming? Read on

Feeling overwhelmed as a parent?

I recently resigned from my university teaching position. It just felt like too much stress and strain for our family, and for my kids. As I was asking my husband his opinion on whether I should quit or keep working, he surprised me by saying he thought I should stop. He has never said anything like that before. Then again, I have never threatened to … Continue reading Feeling overwhelmed as a parent?