Toddler Bible: the fiery thermos and other tales

When our three-year old told us, “Daniel disobeyed God and the lions ate him!” we started to realize that what we teach our children is not always what they understand. Case in point, our five-year old was “reading” the story of Elijah this morning. “Elijah was fed by raisins,” he read. The stories seem clear enough to us when we read them to our children, but somehow input does … Continue reading Toddler Bible: the fiery thermos and other tales

Thoughts from the cafeteria

One of the perks of my job is the provision of a table jammed into the corner of the cafeteria. The crooked sign on it reads: “Table for teachers.” It is here that teachers can sit in undisturbed broody silence, slowly stirring their coffee, well-separated from the lighthearted laughter and smiles of the students filling the rest of the lunchroom. A dusty plastic ficus serves … Continue reading Thoughts from the cafeteria