When learning styles collide

I am the wife of a man getting his doctorate in education. I am also the mother of three young, very different boys. These two facts mean that I constantly think about learning styles. How do I learn? How do I teach my children? Why does something that worked wonderfully with one of my kids crash and burn with another? I’m what you might call a hyper-verbal learner. My husband … Continue reading When learning styles collide

If your house has a turret, my apologies

Maybe it’s an unhealthy pastime, but my husband and I love to take drives to look at big houses. There is just something about assuming a critical eye when surveying the domiciles of the rich. Me: “Oh, I would never have a gable like that…” Husband: “And what is this preoccupation with turrets, anyway?” Me: “Yes, if I had several million, I would never pick a house with … Continue reading If your house has a turret, my apologies

Come on and ride this wave with us

  My husband and I began this blog 30 months ago. We were gung-ho. We felt guilty for posting less than three times a week. No, maybe four. Or five. We had an unhealthy fascination with our stats page. Actually, when I think of some of our blogging highlights — many came from those early months. Like, “No Kidnappings Allowed,” “The Shot Heard Round the Metro” or “To market to market … Continue reading Come on and ride this wave with us