3 reasons to send your kids to Sunday school

A recent blog post I wrote gave the wrong impression that we had a bad experience at a Sunday school and that we are unhappy with Sunday schools in general. We want to make it abundantly clear that we believe in the importance of Sunday school for your kids and our kids. Here’s why. 1. Kids hear someone besides you talk about God. Input from mom … Continue reading 3 reasons to send your kids to Sunday school

What to expect when God talks to you

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for God to talk to someone? What would he say? What is God interested in talking about? Certainly not the weather, or who won the game, or what was on TV last night…but what? Five men found out. The first was a nomad named Abram (later renamed Abraham). The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your … Continue reading What to expect when God talks to you

Faith muscle

After getting in to Trinity and winning a scholarship, I had that “on top of the world” feeling for about three weeks. But reality has begun to set in, and despite God’s obvious hand in the process there are still some big unanswered questions. Yes, my tuition and housing are covered, but how are we going to afford food? And clothing? And diaper wipes? And all the … Continue reading Faith muscle

Be careful who’s listening

When it became clear last fall that we would be leaving Kazakhstan soon, I started to look for jobs in the USA. It wasn’t an easy process because I was usually either under-qualified or overqualified. I got desperate and started praying more seriously about what God wanted me to do. He impressed on me that I should apply for PhD programs. My wife had been looking … Continue reading Be careful who’s listening

To market to market…to peddle more pears

My wife is beat with a capital “B” by pears with a capital “P.” But it’s her fault, actually. She started it. I had the manly idea of going to the new mall today–things could have turned out much differently had I gotten my way. “I think we need to pick all our pears today,” she said this morning. I cringed inside because I knew … Continue reading To market to market…to peddle more pears