When learning styles collide

I am the wife of a man getting his doctorate in education. I am also the mother of three young, very different boys. These two facts mean that I constantly think about learning styles. How do I learn? How do I teach my children? Why does something that worked wonderfully with one of my kids crash and burn with another? I’m what you might call a hyper-verbal learner. My husband … Continue reading When learning styles collide

We’ve been hit by Hurricane Homeschool

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I can explain by telling you that about 10 days ago, our family started a new homeschool curriculum for preschool. We wanted to try it out before buying this company’s kindergarten kit next year for our oldest. We also need to get him kindergarten ready. As I pulled each piece out of a suitcase, I envisioned myself posting glowing … Continue reading We’ve been hit by Hurricane Homeschool

What I learned in preschool today.

    I stayed up late last night spray painting milk cartons for our preschool project today. It seemed like a fun and simple idea: make cars from milk cartons. I’d seen something similar on Curious George, so I figured it couldn’t be that difficult. It was in fact more difficult than I anticipated as my prototype didn’t work nearly as well as I thought … Continue reading What I learned in preschool today.

Pride comes before a reality-check

Hey moms, this post is for you. It’s been three weeks of university teaching, and I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Sometimes that’s how I feel about being a mom of young boys. I know I’m getting better at it, and some things are getting easier, but it doesn’t feel easy. And when it does feel easier, look out! The other … Continue reading Pride comes before a reality-check