Don’t fear, it’s organic

For those who live overseas, it’s wise to come back to your country of origin every now and again just to stay current on what to be afraid of. A few years ago it was aspartame, commonly found in diet sodas. Thankfully, that didn’t apply to me. I only drink sodas with 100% natural high fructose corn syrup. (One has to have standards.) I remember when … Continue reading Don’t fear, it’s organic

To market to market…to peddle more pears

My wife is beat with a capital “B” by pears with a capital “P.” But it’s her fault, actually. She started it. I had the manly idea of going to the new mall today–things could have turned out much differently had I gotten my way. “I think we need to pick all our pears today,” she said this morning. I cringed inside because I knew … Continue reading To market to market…to peddle more pears