Come on and ride this wave with us

  My husband and I began this blog 30 months ago. We were gung-ho. We felt guilty for posting less than three times a week. No, maybe four. Or five. We had an unhealthy fascination with our stats page. Actually, when I think of some of our blogging highlights — many came from those early months. Like, “No Kidnappings Allowed,” “The Shot Heard Round the Metro” or “To market to market … Continue reading Come on and ride this wave with us

Starting over: making friends in a new place

I think I have a case of meet-new-people fatigue. Now I’m an extreme extrovert, so I never believed this day would come.  But it came.  In fact, I was actually talked out by the time my husband came home last night. Talk about a first.  I have met new neighbors, new moms, new colleagues, new teachers, new church members, new everyone.  I feel like everyone … Continue reading Starting over: making friends in a new place

Don’t fear, it’s organic

For those who live overseas, it’s wise to come back to your country of origin every now and again just to stay current on what to be afraid of. A few years ago it was aspartame, commonly found in diet sodas. Thankfully, that didn’t apply to me. I only drink sodas with 100% natural high fructose corn syrup. (One has to have standards.) I remember when … Continue reading Don’t fear, it’s organic