If your house has a turret, my apologies

Maybe it’s an unhealthy pastime, but my husband and I love to take drives to look at big houses. There is just something about assuming a critical eye when surveying the domiciles of the rich.

Me: “Oh, I would never have a gable like that…”

Husband: “And what is this preoccupation with turrets, anyway?”

Me: “Yes, if I had several million, I would never pick a house with a turret.”

Husband: “Seriously.”

[And here is the part of the post where I should apologize if your house has a turret. I’m sorry. I hope you like your turret. From my experiences driving through neighborhoods like yours, many people do. It’s just not my thing…]


But I want to share about my children’s reaction to a recent drive like this our family took.

My husband and I were lost in shallow conversation in the front about turrets and the size of the houses along Sheridan Road by Lake Michigan when my son piped up,

Our house is bigger than that one!”

As I surveyed the mansions that lined the streets I thought about what he could possibly mean.

Our family lives in a two-bedroom apartment. It is nice and we have enjoyed getting it all set up, but it is not what I would call big.

Actually, a friend of mine referred to it as a postage stamp.

My husband was quicker to comprehend. “Yes, our apartment building is bigger than that house.”

And it is.

Later that same 5 year old asked me, “Is God bigger than those big houses?”

Me: “Yes, honey, He sure is…”

Which made my husband and I feel that we should perhaps reevaluate our pastime. And remember what is really important. As the Scripture says, “From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your  praise.” (Matthew 21:16)

God is more important than big houses, the drive to live in one and the admiration of the rich. Is it OK to live in a nice house? Absolutely. It’s just that Jesus is better. Listen to the kids: They’ll tell you.




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