Come on and ride this wave with us


My husband and I began this blog 30 months ago. We were gung-ho. We felt guilty for posting less than three times a week. No, maybe four. Or five. We had an unhealthy fascination with our stats page.

Actually, when I think of some of our blogging highlights — many came from those early months. Like, “No Kidnappings Allowed,” “The Shot Heard Round the Metro” or “To market to market to peddle more pears” to name a few.

I don’t know if we could have told you all of the reasons we began writing, but one big motivation was that we felt we were riding a wave of miracles and cultural experiences while we lived overseas. It seemed we had stories to tell and it would be a shame if we didn’t tell them.

We have since moved back to the States, and (contrary to what I feared), those stories haven’t stopped.

God has proved himself to us again and again. Despite our unbelief and incredulity.

So this blog is here to serve as a record of remembrance to us and others of just how incredible God is. We hope you agree. We hope that you stick around and ride the wave with us. But mostly, we hope that you read on and then want to get to know this God for yourself.



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