No small sacrifice

“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”

The words leapt off the page this afternoon.

Sharing is a constant topic of conversation in our house of three boys 6 and younger.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

But today was no ordinary day.

We were on the way to an impromptu birthday party for an 8 year old girl. One small problem: I had no gift and no car available to get one.

This problem was compounded by our recent moves and the lack of an unexpected gift stash I usually keep in the house.

So after taking a few deep breaths and praying, I asked my kids if they would be willing to give one of their toys.

I expected to have to spiritually strong arm them into sharing a happy meal toy (does God want us to share? Now, reconsider your answer — do you want to share?)

But I had barely gotten the question out when my oldest ran to get his prize Lego firetruck that he had been constantly playing with for the past week.

My youngest wanted to give his (now favorite) book he got for his birthday less than a month ago.

My 4 year old selected one of his favorite books out the bookcase (and he loves books).

I found myself saying, “Are you sure?”

“How about something smaller?”

And while I convinced by youngest son to select a different book, because I thought he might regret his generosity, I had to examine my own motives.

Why was I trying to hold them back?

So I decided to hold my tongue and quietly packed up these gifts from the heart, internally praying that this sweet 8 year old girl would somehow love them.

She did.

Today, my kids taught me a lesson. And I hope it’s one I never forget.

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