Back to school: more changes ahead

This has been the year of change.

It started out with a mid-January return to America. Since then we have lived in three places.

In fact, during one just-for-fun weekend trip, my kids asked if the hotel was our new home.

Now my 4 year old is trying to extract a promise that we will never leave our apartment.

And his toys. Ever. Again.

And while it’s easy to laugh at this, I am also dealing with all the changes.

My oldest is going to school in a couple weeks. He has never gone to preschool, and it is starting to hit me that school means I won’t see him for 35 hours each week. Time to pull out the tissue box.

Not only that, my 4 year old is going to go to preschool a few mornings a week, and that leaves me trying to figure out who I am all over again.

Or who I will be once school starts.

And I’ve come to the uncomfortable realization that my identity is often pretty shallow.

I can get wrapped up in what I do, and I think that defines who I am.

Or where I live.

Or who I associate with.

Or how others see me. (Or how I think other see me).

But all of those things are shifting sand.

What I do changes from season to season. As does where I live. Or who I hang out with or what people think of me.

And as my kids can tell you, a house built on sand will fall.

So I’m going to try to get back to the rock. My identity has to be in Christ. I have been adopted. God is my Father. He has called me to follow Him.

With His help, I will leave the details of how that plays out in my life in His hands.

One thought on “Back to school: more changes ahead

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! My struggle too The past couple of years. And Jesus Christ himself is the answer for each of us isn’t he!

    I love love love your postings. Linda

    Sent from my iPhone Linda Powlison


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