3 reasons to send your kids to Sunday school

Sunday school shoes

A recent blog post I wrote gave the wrong impression that we had a bad experience at a Sunday school and that we are unhappy with Sunday schools in general. We want to make it abundantly clear that we believe in the importance of Sunday school for your kids and our kids. Here’s why.

1. Kids hear someone besides you talk about God. Input from mom and dad is vital, but having a godly community of adults strengthens and complements parents’ work. I still remember the names of my childhood Sunday school teachers. There was a couple, Gary and Betty, and an elderly lady named Marian. Do I remember any particular lessons they taught me? No, nothings stands out. But I do remember that they loved God and they loved me. That sort of modeling is priceless.

2. Kids get positive input. Our kids are surrounded by influences that try to push them into their mold–the media, friends, relatives, video games, books, the list goes on. All of this is actually more invasive than ever with mobile technology. Sunday school can help kids stand up against the cultural tide that wants to sweep them away.

3. Parents can focus on God for a few minutes. I recently tried to listen to a sermon while watching our kids. Between two long potty breaks and trying to make sure they weren’t kicking the people in front of them, I think I only heard about 50% of the sermon and retained about 20%. I retained so little because my attention was divided. Thankfully, that’s not what normally happens. Our church has a great Sunday school, so I can send my kids off without worries and concentrate on what God is saying to me.

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