Our impossible house

I feel a little like I’ve dropped off the edge of the world.

Plunged into an Internet-less existence.

Man cannot live on bread alone. And I found out just how hard it is for me to live without web access.

But thanks be to God, I’m back.

Today we moved into our semi-permanent home. We are approaching two weeks of being back to the States. Jet lag is almost a distant dream and I unpacked our things in a home we will be in for the next six months.

I am so grateful.

One of the many reasons I didn’t want to leave Kazakhstan was how much I loved the home I lived in for the past five years.

Some of you also know that God promised our family that it would be better if we moved.

I had no idea how God would manage “better” in terms of housing. Honestly, I wondered if it would “better” for Him but harder for me (in a “count it all joy” kind of way). My faith waxed and waned, and sometimes disappeared altogether. But today I found out (again) that He knows just what He is doing.

Honestly, I’m just afraid that I will fall so in love with this place that it will be horribly painful to leave. And we’ve only been here five hours.

To which my husband suggested that perhaps the next place will be even better. 😉

This home is old. We’re talking built in 1920. Which, for those of you who visited me in Almaty, provides a bit of continuity between my life there and my new life here.

It also has blissfully tall ceilings, something I grew addicted to in former Soviet apartments and my old Soviet-style home.

It has hardwood floors.

It is furnished. It has bunk beds for the kids and a dresser for me. A. whole. dresser.

There are so many things. I love the trim. The paint colors. The kitchen.

Best of all, I can step out my front door and walk to an old-fashioned historic blink-and-you-miss-it kind of town. Which, my friends, includes an ice cream shop. There goes the budget. And the diet. And probably some time management.

There is a large enough yard for the kids to ride bikes and a field across our house where the kids can run and run and run.

It has been wonderfully furnished and kept up by a local church, who saw fit to make sure it is equipped with a food processor, waffle iron, blender, mixer, and, drum roll please… an ice cream maker. Am I sensing a theme here?

So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that I don’t have enough faith. I thought God couldn’t do it. I didn’t think better was possible. And He proved me wrong.

I can’t wait to see what happens next.

One thought on “Our impossible house

  1. I am SO encouragd to know you are so blessed. And thank you Lord for folks who will prepare so lovingly in such detail for people who serve Him.

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