More questions = peace

I know that more than a few of you are worried about me after my last post. So you’ll be glad to hear that a lot of my inner turbulence has been replaced by peace.

Strange, really, considering I know even less about what lies ahead than I did even a few days ago.

So I guess it qualifies as peace that transcends understanding!

We just got back from six days in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. As a few of you already know, for several years I had felt that we may move there next.

And until this trip, that idea brought more dread than anticipation.

But this last trip I fell in love with the city, much to everyone’s surprise — especially my own.

I honestly don’t know if we will ever live there, but I sure enjoyed this six-day trip.

First of all, I had never seen the city in winter. I had only been there in Spring (hot) and Summer (even hotter). I associated it with grime, heat and corruption.

This time the grime was covered in snow, and the constant sun which makes life so uncomfortable in Summer lit up the sky and made for a lovely contrast. I realized how much I had been missing the sun, and that a blue sky is a God-given antidepressant.

If you are getting a little tired of my gushing, just think how my husband must have felt listening to this sort of thing for six days straight. And this coming from the “I never want to live in Bishkek” wife!

It was also nice to get away from many of the details of moving and just spend some time together.

The refreshment has also helped me focus on the people now that we are back. Last night I said goodbye to someone I have known for seven years. I pray to God I see here again, but I just don’t know if I will. She cried. I did, too.

And as far as next steps, we are walking on the water. I know that quite a few of the pieces are going to have to come from God, and actually that has helped quiet me on the inside. Instead of pressure to make something happen, I’m just looking to the Lord. He has never let us down. And He knows just what He is doing.

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