Oh where is my visa? Part 2

Not by might. Nor by power. But by my Spirit says the Lord.

That’s the verse God gave me this morning.

My visa “situation” hasn’t resolved yet, and I must admit I’m feeling pretty unsettled.

On Friday, the government officials still did not accept my documents. And so my husband and I found ourselves discussing all kinds of contingencies we had not planned on thinking about.

We are praying for God’s will, and planning on one more attempt at a work visa tomorrow.

If it is still a no-go, we will start the process for a spouse visa through Jake’s university. The only problem is that a visa might not be ready fast enough for me to make the return flight I already booked.

Suffice it to say that I need to be out of this country by Oct 31, but I’m not exactly sure where I will go or how long I will be there!

We have a couple options, but it depends on what happens tomorrow and the next day.

But in the middle of everything, God is in control. I have to remind myself that my life is in His hands. I pray all the time for God to lead me, and sometimes He leads me through crazy situations in ways I wouldn’t necessarily pick, but are for the best.

I have learned that I know very little most of the time, and if I’m trusting God, He guides me through bureaucracy and other dangers I’m not even aware of.

Some of you have heard the story about my husband walking into work several years ago, and someone congratulating him.

He asked why he was being congratulated and his colleague said,

“You’re legal! We didn’t want to tell you, but your whole family was going to have to leave the country on Friday. But the law changed, and now you are legal!”

We had no idea we were “illegal” before, and no idea that we should have been praying and fasting. But God made a way.

So this time, too, we’re just asking God to lead us. To help us navigate through every decision that has to be made.

To be continued….

2 thoughts on “Oh where is my visa? Part 2

  1. Casting all your care on Him for He cares for you. Remembering the coins found, be Jesus’ direction, in the fish’s mouth.

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