This Mom is getting herself ready

Today I dressed for work.

And I mean the toughest job known to man: working at home with children.

Usually my work-at-home outfits are an afterthought at best.

My husband has long since left for work, and I’ve just managed to finish all the breakfast dishes.

With interruptions to change diapers, settle toy disputes and maybe even answer the telephone, it has gotten later than I would like. My mind is full of all the things I need to do that haven’t gotten done yet, and my inner dialogue goes something like,

“Clothes. Yea.

(Look in the closet)

Jeans. Here.


No, that one’s too nice.

Sleeves too long for doing dishes.

Plus I might need to actually look nice later and I don’t it smeared with snot.


Yea. T-shirt.”

I throw on my “outfit” and wince as I look at my hair.

Maybe I’ll have time for that later….

But today was different.

I decided to put on nice clothes. Well, black jeans and a nicer long-sleeve shirt with a scarf.

Yes, you read that right. A scarf.

And I fixed my hair and put makeup on.

As I did, I felt the Holy Spirit say that this is something I need to strive for every day.

Sure there will be times when I will throw on something old and worn out for yard work, but those times should be exceptions and not the general rule!

Because, friends, I am dressing for work. For battle. For the hardest job anyone has ever held.

It must’ve been from God because it really helped.

As I started homeschool, I felt more like a teacher.

Scratch that. I felt more like a person and less like a mombie (a word I made up just know for a mom who resembles a zombie).

But why would God say this?

As I thought of potential Scriptures that could possibly support this new conviction, all I could think of was a warning against spiritual women adorning themselves outwardly when our true adornment should come from a gentle quiet spirit.

Which on the surface seems to contradict what I felt the Holy Spirit say today.

But I think it goes deeper than that.

A gentle quiet spirit does not come from someone who has given up or doesn’t care anymore.

In fact, the Scriptures says a gentle, quiet spirit comes from someone who has not given into fear.

I don’t know about you, but there have been many times I have been lying in bed, afraid to face the day because I’m listening to my children throw tantrums and scream outside my room (with their father handling it, thankfully).

But that’s fear. And I’ve found that when that kind of fear goes on and on, and it seems there is no way out, it turns to hopelessness. Despair. Depression. Whatever you want to call it.

The feeling that you can never get ahead of it. Whatever “it” is. Your children. Your house. Your life.

But a gentle, quiet spirit comes from a person who is standing in the middle of the storm trusting God will come through. Believing that God gave me work to do, and that He will help me with it. That I can rest and wait for Him. That when my mind starts buzzing with a hundred doubts, that I can claim the peace that transcends understanding.

I don’t believe this comes easy. There is a reason Scriptures says women will be saved through childbearing (which I believe also refers to raising children). God uses the hardness of the job to bring us to Him.

But maybe that’s the whole point. Why God said to dress better for my job at home.

It’s part of me getting ready for the work God gave me to do, and trusting He will help me with it. Part of me learning to get up and face my job, not giving into fear but beginning to learn what it means to have a gentle, quiet spirit.

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