If it doesn’t hurt, nothing is happening

I’m re-entering the blog world after several weeks on the disabled list due to a dislocated shoulder. It was a painful experience, to say the least. But what I didn’t count on was how difficult the recovery would be.

It seemed easy at first because I made the mistake of following the directions. The exercise program I was given read, “The exercises should never be performed at a level that causes pain.” As a result, I did the exercises faithfully but I didn’t push myself.

When my doctor saw me a couple weeks ago, she was very concerned that I was not regaining my range of motion. I had only 10-40% of my normal range of motion for many movements. The doctor said a lot of things, but for me it boiled down to this: if it doesn’t hurt, nothing is happening.

“You’ve got to push it,” she said.

I went home with a longer list of exercises and the realization that I had to push myself to the point of pain several times a day as I stretched if I really wanted to regain my range of motion. The problem is I’m kind of a sissy when it comes to pain as my wife can testify. I’ve very thankful that God gave women the gift of childbirth because I think it would kill me.

My wife helps me with a couple of the stretches because she, as a former gymnast, is an expert in torture. I moan, complain and whine while she pulls on my arm to the point where it hurts and then keeps pulling to the point where it really hurts. Because her limbs are very flexible, because she has a high pain threshold, and because she knows it’s for my own good, my cries get little sympathy from her.

In the end, though, I have to say “Thank you” to her because if it doesn’t hurt, nothing is happening.

Below: our youngest likes to exercise with me.

Smilefish stretching 1 Smilefish stretching 2

One thought on “If it doesn’t hurt, nothing is happening

  1. Good post! Glad you’re getting better…though it is painful.
    Talk to Nick about injury also. He broke his collar bone on Sunday.

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