You know it’s been too long since you’ve posted when…

you can’t remember your password to log in to your blog. Yeah.

After my husband dislocated his shoulder, I decided the blog was just one thing too many.

But he is officially out of his sling now (10 days ago) and getting stronger every day.

No more excuses!

My kids have really been enjoying reading the kid-oriented parables in Favorite Parables from the Bible: Stories Jesus Told by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.

Sometimes they “get it,” sometimes they don’t. But at least we have something to talk about.

As a lawyer’s daughter and former journalist, I’m really good at asking leading questions. Except with 3 year olds.


Me: “So what happened to the house on the sand?”

Three year old: “It fell down!”

Me: “And do you want your house to fall down?”

Three year old: “Yeah!”

(Not really sure where to go from there)

Today we decided to explore the parable of the two builders a little more.

Materials: Salt, sugar cubes, egg whites, sugar, water and modeling clay.

The salt was our “shifting sand.” The modeling clay we formed into “rocks.”

I beat some egg whites and sugar into “mortar” and we made houses out of sugar cubes.

Baby was a bit bored but luckily loved sucking on sugar cubes.

I didn’t count on how long it would take to form these little houses, but the boys were really into it.

My oldest was a little disappointed he couldn’t make a triangular roof out of the sugar cubes on such a small house, but quickly got over it.

With the building complete, there was only one thing left to do.

Water, baby!

I filled up a pitcher and let my oldest test out his house first. He poured it on the salt and the sugar cube house quickly crumbled.

Everyone was really excited.

Next it was time for my 3 year old. He poured his and that sugar cube house stood firm. Only some “mortar” got washed away.

I was super excited. I wasn’t sure if the modeling clay rocks would hold the thing up, especially since our frosting hadn’t hardened.

But he was still a bit disappointed.

“Can I knock it over, mommy?”

“No! It’s better to have a house that stands up.”

I started to take down the houses to clean up.

“My house fell over, right mommy?”

“No, your house was built on rocks.”

I guess we’ll continue talking about this parable a bit longer.

Here are some pics:





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