Our plane tickets story


I think I have mentioned I’m something of a saver.

One of my friends once called me “the cheapest person alive.” Ahem.

That explains my deeply held “conviction” that I didn’t want to pay more than $5,000 for roundtrip tickets from here to the USA this summer. That’s about $1,000 a person, and the usually rates are usually $1,500 (minimum).

I said to my husband “I just don’t have faith for more than $5,000.”

I was trying to start convincing him that we should consider flying a Russian airline with a layover is Moscow, instead of our normal route through Europe on a Western airline. Or just about any airline that would get us from here to the US for the sum of $5,000.

Then I read an article about a Russian plane crashing, and all the corruption that led up to it, and I decided my “conviction” wasn’t worth my life and the lives of my family members.

As I was praying two weeks ago, however, I suddenly felt led to check KLM’s rates.

And as all of my friends of preschoolers who live here know, KLM is the airline to fly if you are a young family. We are talking kind stewardesses, Amsterdam airport play area, the works. And definitely, definitely not $1,000 tickets during summer.

Imagine my surprise when on the screen the price was $975 a ticket, bringing the grand total to $4,900.

I called my husband, “I found tickets! I found tickets!”

The only problem is we didn’t have any money in a U.S. account to pay for them.

So we had to wait until we could transfer money.

When the money had been transferred my husband wanted to take some more time to pray about it.

I totally respect that, even if it is hard for me. His wisdom has helped us steer clear of a lot of scrapes my zeal would have gotten us into. But that’s another subject.

So I waited, trying hard to have that “gentle and quiet spirit” the Bible talks about.

Finally he gave me the go ahead.

And so I checked KLM’s website again.

My heart sank. $1,400 a person. Another date. $1,600 a person.

“We lost them!” I said, trying to keep all the disappointment out of my voice.

My husband decided to download the KLM iphone app so he could check simultaneously while I used the computer.

“Check these dates” he said, mentioning some dates I had just checked.

Oddly enough, the computer listed the price at $1,400, but the KLM iphone app had them for $975.

Since booking tickets on an iphone was going to be a bit of a pain, I decided to download the ipad app instead.

Problem was, it mirrored the website’s prices and not the iphone app prices.

Scratching our heads a bit, we decided to go ahead and book using the iphone (small keypad and all).

Problem was, the iphone would let us type in all our information but wouldn’t let us pay.

Undeterred, we decided to call their customer service. Maybe, just maybe, we could explain the situation and book over the phone.

With a terrible Skype connection, my husband patiently attempted to explain our situation to two different people. The best they could do was $1,500 tickets for a grand total of $7,500.

It was now midnight and time to give up. Maybe God was slowing us down for some reason….

But me, being me, had to check the computer website just one more time.

And there they were! For the dates we wanted the most! Only six tickets left, and we needed five of them.

Sort of in shock we booked before anything else could happen.

As we were going to sleep I said, “This seems worthy of a blog post.”

My husband agreed, but then said, “I just don’t know what I would say about it.”

I sort of agree, since I’m not sure what spiritual truth or lesson to draw from the whole thing, but it just seemed like too good a story not to tell.

And praise God for answered prayer, even if those prayers come as a result of this frugal woman’s “convictions.”

2 thoughts on “Our plane tickets story

  1. Amazing story that could almost fit for a finale leg on Amazing Race! Team Reid, assisted by much prayer and God intervention, has acquired tickets that fit the budget and get them to their destination with enough time to win!!! Wow, you guys need to book for us for our next “excursion”! Ok, so we are waiting to hear some dates…………

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