Boys, toys and pearls

Pearl of Great Price

Jesus is our pearl of great price.

Or so I was trying to explain during a Sunday school lesson this morning. As the parable says, the kingdom of God is like a merchant finding a beautiful pearl and happily selling all his possessions to buy it.

Instead of pearls, however, we were talking about something more valuable: toys.

Would you be willing to give your favorite toy to Jesus if he asked for it?

It’s was a leading question. The answer I was looking for was “yes of course.” I was then going to hit them with, “would you be willing to give Jesus all your toys?”

I got honesty instead.

“No” my two older boys chorused in unison, as if I had mentioned the unthinkable.

And then my 3 year old offered to give Jesus my 5 year old’s favorite toy instead.

How generous.

I backpedaled. Maybe we should review the story, make sure they had understood the point.

They had.

They just didn’t want to part with any toys. Silly mommy.

I repeated that knowing Jesus is better than anything we have, and then we went to do our paper pearl craft at the kitchen table.

I realized, though, that it was time to be honest myself.

Would I, here and now, be willing to sell everything I own for the sake of knowing and living with Jesus?

Is my relationship with God worth that to me?

Secondly, would I be happy about it — knowing that I was getting the better end of the deal?

Yeah. When you put it that way….

As I was thinking out loud about this, my husband repeated something he had heard six years ago:

“Sometimes we don’t share the gospel because we don’t really believe it.”

It’s something that the Lord had already been speaking to me about this week. I get so focused on the cost of following Jesus that I forget it is good news. Sometimes I’m even ashamed of the gospel.

I forget that He is more important than anything I own, could own, or ever will own. He is the pearl of great price and my inheritance in Him will never fade.

So thanks kids. Your honesty was a good reminder and made me be honest with myself…. And hopefully get back on track.

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