The land where toothpaste freezes

Merry Christmas!

If you read Jake’s last post, you know that we didn’t celebrate Christmas today.

No, we don’t have any religious convictions about it. It just happens to be a work day here, a very crazy busy tear-your-hair-out kind of work day.

Jake had back to back finals for six hours and came home to grade. After editing late into the evening last night, I finally woke up to round 2 this morning.

I edited dutifully while watching three, shall we say, rambunctious boys.

During a break in the editing action I did Jillian Ripped in 30 week 3, after which I wanted to throw up.

But at least I didn’t cry like two days ago.

My two oldest sons didn’t quite know what to do as mommy lay on the floor crying, repeating “I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it.”

Mommy meltdown. What to do, what to do.

They both took turns telling me to be happy. They told me they loved me and that they were “so very proud” of me.

It was starting to work, and I stopped crying. But my body hurt so badly I remained on the floor.

My oldest, feeling that the medicine was achieving the proper effect, then told not to be stubborn like a sheep. I should get up and start being happy.

Ever hear yourself talking through your kids? Well, I’ll have to try saying something different because that sure didn’t make me feel any better!

Anyway, today after I wrapped up the video I thought about what a weird Christmas I was having.

Sometimes I forget I live in Central Asia. Everything starts feeling so normal that I stop thinking about it.

Until something jolts me out of the reverie. Like today when I picked up a frozen tube of toothpaste.

I had opened a bathroom window after my shower to let the steam escape and closed the bathroom door behind to not let all the cold air in. I forgot about and it apparently stayed that way a few hours until after dinner when I went into brush my teeth.

Teeth chattering I quickly closed the window and reached for the toothpaste. It felt like cold clay. I had no idea toothpaste could even feel that way. It still came out, but it got me thinking,

“I live in the land of frozen toothpaste.”

Almost like a song title.

Anyway. Enough of my random meanderings. Merry Christmas from the land of frozen toothpaste.

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