Miracle at the grocery store

Sometimes I pray like an atheist.
I believe in God, but sometimes I pray like no one is really listening.
I was in traffic the other day thinking about my life, and realizing how many times I have prayed that way only to have God answer very specifically. 
It happened again today.
I was going grocery shopping. Before I left Jake gave me our “food and transport” envelope with cash inside of it.
I quickly wrote a list and headed out the door. On the way I prayed for God’s help to buy “not too much but not too little.” I needed His help to get everything on the list (no easy feat in Central Asia) and to remember and find the things I knew we needed but forgot to write down.
As I walked around the bazaar and then the supermarket I found quite a few things I hadn’t wrote down and put them in the cart. I also found the items on the list.
Finally the Holy Spirit said to me, ” that’s enough.”
I headed toward the checkout line and the cashier started to go through the items. As she got close to finishing it suddenly occurred to me I might not have enough money.
She told me the amount 22,656 Kzt ($151) and I nodded and gave her all the cash I had left in the envelope — 20,000 Kzt ($133) and then started rifling through my purse for more money. I found a 2000 Kzt bill (about $13) and then two 200 Kzt bills (a little less than $3) in a front pocket. In another front pocket I found 206 Kzt in coins.
Starting to panic and go through one empty pocket after another (and think what I was going to say about not being able to pay) I opened another pocket in my purse (which normally I don’t keep money in) and found one last, beautiful 50 Kzt coin.
I handed it to the cashier, and realized I had just paid 22,656 Kzt exactly. I lliterally had not another tenge ($.0067) to give her.
The girls were kind of amazed, too, since I think they were also thinking about what they were going to do if I couldn’t pay.
I started laughing and said “Praise God! It’s my last tenge! I don’t have anymore!”
I think the girls thought I was a little nuts (the older Russian woman next in line absolutely did) but I knew God had yet again been very specific answering my prayer.
“If God is on our side, who can be against us?”
Praise God, we have a God who hears us.


Just wanted to include a little photo reminder of this answer to prayer.


6 thoughts on “Miracle at the grocery store

  1. Wow, what a great illustration of how much God thinks about us and cares for us! That receipt is a great reminder that His thoughts toward us are more numerous than the sand. Tape it to the frig and show it to your little ones often!

  2. It’s kind of funny but this is how I feel every time I am shopping in the States. All because the price you see on the shelf is not the price you pay since tax is not included. And as the cashier swipes the items I am hoping I don’t go over my budget and I just stand there thinking please, don’t go over that amount, just stop right there cause I don’t want to spend more than I was planning on spending. 🙂 Though at some stores in KZ the price tags are misplaced and one may end up calculating incorrectly.

    1. Yes, you learn to add about 10% to the total to account for sales tax. Most of the time it’s lower than that, but it helps to be prepared!!

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