Yes, I’ve officially lost it

I’ve been struck by kids’ birthday madness.

That’s what I realized as I was making a cake and frosting from scratch today even though I know my kids probably appreciate the store-bought variety more.

And as I was scouring Pinterest looking for construction-related activities for partygoers under 5, and envying the kind of theme materials that can come from dollar stores in America.

On a quick aside, does Pinterest make anyone else just feel tired? Maybe it’s just me.

I also knew I was going plum loco as I stood dipping strips of scratch paper into ice cold flour/water mix and sticking them on a form I’m hoping somewhat resembles a truck pinata (or a bus, or a truck, or maybe a bus?) and then blow drying it in my spare moments to make sure it’s ready to decorate tomorrow. (Notice I’m not posting a picture, the truck/bus is that bad).

Yes, it’s diagnosable form of insanity.

I’m not sure what the cure is, but if you have one I would love to hear.

They say love is blind, but I’ll take it a step further. I’d say in some instances, it’s just plain nuts.

Here’s to my soon-to-be 3 year old boy. Love you, little Gofish.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I’ve officially lost it

  1. I didn’t think that this actually happened to me until I was a grandparent. But I do remember blindfolding a very young child and then handing him a stick while saying, “swing as hard as you can!”. I think that you’re only on the edge by making cakes and pinatas. You will know that you’ve arrived when the you’re handing them the stick!! Not sure if I really had “it” to begin with, but now that I’m a grandparent, I know that I’ve officially lost it!! Get ready, grandparents are coming to your house…..hide the sticks!!

    1. Well, we normally use a baseball bat and skip the blindfold! And for the first time we are going to try it inside, so I think that qualifies as insane.

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