Who is that guy in the living room?


Most of the time I’m very aware that I live on the other side of the world from where I was born. Other times I’m astounded at what has followed me here.

Take tonight, for example.

After a long, hard day teaching classes, I was ready to come home and tell my husband all the reasons he should feel sorry for me.

But upon entering the gate, my husband smiled and said, “Don’t be mad at me.”

Not exactly the words I was hoping to hear, but after getting ready to deal with what might come next, he said,

“I let a guy come in to do a carpet cleaning demonstration.”

“Now?” I asked, more out of hope that it might be some other time we could cancel than anything.

After a quick hello, I escaped to my room for a 5 minute break. But break time was quickly over, and it was time to go out and face the carpet cleaner myself.

Pretty quickly I had a flashback to my childhood — well, a flashback with a Central Asian twist.

“Keeerdby,” the man said as he showed Jake all the accessories that make up this behemoth of a vacuum/carpet cleaner.

My parents still joke about the Kirby vacuum sales man who ran around the windows of our house (after my mother had politely asked him to leave) screaming, “Your vacuum is a liar, a cheat and a thief!”

Yes, the Kirby Vacuum company is here in Kazakhstan.

It’s better to laugh than to cry, but I had to admit that this man was not the enemy to my peace and quiet or my expectation as to what should greet me when I got home.

He’s a man.

He has four kids — three boys and one girl. And I should add that he was more polite that all the Kirby vacuum salesmen I met in the USA (no offense to all Kirby vacuum salesmen — I’ve only met two in the States that I recall).

We invited him to dinner, and we invited his son to Jake’s English Club.

We didn’t buy a vacuum cleaner (I don’t think I’m the only one that would wince at a $4,000 price tag — that’s right — $4,000), but we tried to let God’s love shine through us.


And in the meantime, our living room carpet is bright white once again.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.kirby.com)


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