Our daily pears

Pear in tree

One of the things God promises his children is food. Jesus told us, “Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” (Matthew 6:26). The point being, if God feeds the birds, he’ll feed us, too. Of course, most often we have to work for our food, but work itself is a gift from the Lord as well.

It’s easy to believe that our heavenly Father will provide for us. That is, until our resources run low or run out. I remember two summers ago when we were visiting the States on summer break, we were down to our last dollar three times. Each time, God provided for us. I should note that we weren’t trying to be wasteful or “test” God by spending all our money. We also weren’t advertising our need. But our God sees us and cares for us, and he brought us through each time.

Although not down to our last dollar, our last few weeks have been tight because income we were counting on has been significantly delayed due to bureaucracy. It’s easy for us to get angry at the system and worry that we’ll run out, even though we’ve seen the Lord provide for us time and time again. But if we listen to Jesus who clearly told us not to worry about these things (see Matthew 6:31), we can take a step back and admire how creative God is in providing for our needs.

Take the pear trees in our yard, for example. You might remember our experience selling plums at the bazaar. Well, I’ve been picking our pears and selling them to the same vendor. The thing about pears is they don’t ripen all at once, so I’ve been picking them a little bit at a time and then taking them to the bazaar to sell. I usually end up immediately spending most of what I make on food for dinner for our family.

Selling pears is just a simple example of how practical the Lord is. God promised his children food, but he didn’t specify how he would do it.

If you belong to the Lord, you can pray to your Father in heaven for “daily bread” as Jesus taught. God can answer that prayer in unexpected ways.

If you want to have a relationship with God as your father, you can begin one by putting your trust in Jesus Christ. Food comes and goes, but peace with God and forgiveness last forever.




A blurry photo of me and the man I sell our fruit to. I'm on my way to work and thus a bit overdressed for the occasion.

A blurry photo of me and the man I sell our fruit to. I was on my way to work and thus a bit overdressed for the occasion.

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