Preschool car painting

photo (48)

This week I didn’t plan preschool lessons, and man, could you tell. It’s been super hot and the kids have been bouncing off the walls and I started to have that claustrophobic feeling I get during winter when we are snowed in.

This morning it was so desperate my husband said, “I think we should do school, even without a plan.” And so we did.

After our normal routine of Scripture verse, song, prayer, story, and letter tracing, I decided to do an activity that went so well last time I promised myself I would do it again: car painting.

That’s right — you heard me: car painting. Combining preschool boys, paint and cars might not be the faint of heart, but it’s really really fun. I’m indebted to for the idea.

All you need is a few cars you don’t mind getting dirty (we used the kind we get in kids meals at Burger King), big shirts secured in back with a rubberband for a makeshift smock, paper or cardboard and something to protect the table (or you could just paint outside).

You don’t even have to explain what to do. They just know.

photo (50)

Now all we have to do is go to Burger King and get some more cars. Oh yeah — eating fast food for education… or, um, something like that.

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