Rocks, fire and water — a Sunday school lesson to remember

photo (45)

Today the kids learned about Elijah versus the prophets of Baal. It is an exciting story, and personally one of my favorites in the Old Testament.

I always try to make our Sunday school lessons more than just me talking to the kids. While telling the story, I ask a lot of questions to see how well they are “getting it.” I also try to include a couple elements where they experience the story either through art or taste or acting it out.

This makes this story extremely challenging. Fire coming down from heaven is just really hard to do (which is what makes the story so miraculous!).

Here’s what we did:

After reading the story (which the kids have been reading all week before naptime and bedtime), I had the kids put 12 stones into a bowl. We counted them out together as we put them in. (My apologies, photos aren’t as clear this time):


Then I had each of my sons pour a cup of water over the stones.


After that, we talked about how Elijah prayed that the LORD (Jesus) would show that He was the true god (opposed to the idol the priests had prayed to).

Then we explained how God sent fire from heaven. To demonstrate the fire, my husband lit a blow torch (briefly, for all you moms who are freaking out now, and nowhere near the kids). We didn’t try to show the fire burning up the altar, we just went back to the story. Seeing the fire all by itself was powerful, and the boys were really really into it (no surprises there!). Sorry, no photos.

Then we went into the kitchen and did a quick art project to help the kids remember the story.

First the boys put glue on their papers. Then they took 12 pieces of sandpaper (for the stones) and stuck them on the paper. Sandpaper didn’t attach super well, so we ended up helping them put glue on the sandpaper bits as well.


Then they ripped up orange and red paper to make fire pieces, and glued those on as well.


As we did our art project, we reviewed the Scripture verse, “For all the gods of the nations are idols, but the LORD made the heavens.”

They were really proud of their altars and fire.


I usually take their Sunday school art and put it into a notebook (for those of you in Kazakhstan, it’s the kind with the clear pages that you can slide paper into which you can get for between 100 Kzt – 200 Kzt.). They love looking at their books and it helps them review the stories they learned. It’s always amazing to me how much they remember.

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