I’m no supermom

I have a confession to make. When I read homeschool blogs or  look at Pinterest, I just feel tired. Really, really tired. Look at all these perfect moms! Where do they get the energy to design and decorate cakes for their theme birthday parties, and why do their children willingly sit down and read books and get excited about finishing their lap books? And what IS a lap book for that matter, and why do they all seem to know but I don’t? During naptime, these supermoms sew quiet books and prepare exquisite meals. And somehow, to top it all off, they find time to blog about it. 

I’m here to tell you that I am not one of those moms. Today was a good reminder. Neither of my boys wanted to school today. AT ALL. Most of the time it’s “yay! school time!” Today I said “time for school” and it was, in my words to my husband who called me in the middle of it, like hell broke loose. 

I’ve done this long enough to know that, unless they are truly sick, they really really like school. This is just a test to see who is going to be the leader today — me or them. I also know that if we can get through all the emotions, we are going to come out on the other side and have a good time. 

So we prayed and they cried and whined and I disciplined (repeat). Kind of like “lather, rinse, repeat” instructions on the shampoo bottle. And eventually we got through it. My husband came in during craft time and said, “What happened? You both look like perfect little angels.” Hah! But it does show that if you can get through the war, there is peace on the other side. 

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