Life without a car

I somehow survived for two years without a car. Not sure how I did it, looking back. Actually I am. I walked a whole lot more than I do now. I met a lot of different people in gypsy cabs (normal people who will agree to give you a ride on the street). I practiced Russian and learned a whole lot about all the cultures here.

Those are the upsides. Downsides? Probably you could rattle off quite a list and you’d be right. Not as convenient. Hard to get out the city. Those interesting people I mentioned meeting? Well, some of them I would have rather never met! Rain makes life a lot more challenging. Grocery shopping also takes on the added dimension of whether or not you can carry everything you buy with you! I won’t even talk about the time we bought a Christmas tree and didn’t want to shell out an additional $30 for proper delivery!

But here we are again. Car broke down and Jake is trying to fix it as I am writing this. Our mechanic is a faithful Muslim, which means he is fasting for Ramadan, which also makes it very difficult to work (at least that’s our theory). So today I took my two older boys in taxies to and from play group. The kids loved it, almost as much as they loved the “domaphone” or intercom you use to get into a big apartment building. Neither of the drivers were very talkative, but we scored when the taxi ride back home had air conditioning! 93 degrees right now and our car doesn’t have it.

All the same, I’m praying the car gets fixed soon.

2 thoughts on “Life without a car

  1. We would have offered you a lift but I had problems keeping E awake on the journey home as it was. I really needed her to sleep after lunch for my Kazakh lesson!

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