Building TV towers one cheerio at a time

My kids just love the TV tower that looms over our house here in Almaty, Kazakhstan. When I saw a craft idea on, I just knew I could adapt it so the kids could make their own edible TV towers (while strengthening those hand muscles!).

The only hard part was finding cheerio-like cereal. After three stores, we overcame this little setback with the following:


Yes! The other materials — spaghetti noodles and play doh — I had on hand.

The kids started by rolling play doh into balls.


After sticking a spaghetti noodle vertically into the play doh ball, they started threading their “cheerios.”


They were super engaged. When it gets quiet like that, I know I’ve picked an activity that perfectly matches their development.


And, finally, success! Image

To be honest, I was surprised the spaghetti noodle had the strength to hold it up. They were so excited they wanted to build more towers. Maybe we’ll try this one again soon (before the kids have eaten all the cheerios, which they can usually do in one breakfast).

For all you who are curious, here is a photo of our TV tower in Almaty, courtesy of Wikepedia. People here are as excited about it as our kids — maybe because it represents modernity and greater freedom than was experienced during Soviet times. Image

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