“Fishing” for kitchen utensils in preschool


As part of my attempt to help my kids gain hand strength for writing, we tried “fishing” today. The way you hold tweezers of tongs is similar to the way you hold a pencil. I filled up the buckets with a whole bunch of normally “off limits” kitchen utensils. Then I handed the 4 year old some tweezers, helped him figure out how to use them, and let him “fish” for the utensils. I let the 2 year old use tongs. They loved it. After they got everything out, they wanted to do it again! There is just something about playing with water.


Bubblefish, 4, likes to use both hands for everything. From what I’ve read, however, that is not the greatest habit. If you want to build a hand that is very strong and proficient for writing, you need to focus on one hand. Better one good hand than two mediocre ones! After doing some at-home tests, we found he prefers his left 70% of the time. I’ve been gently encouraging him to use his left hand when tracing, and not just switch off whenever he feels like it.

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